Lujo Med Spa represents the finest in whole person aesthetic services and strives for perfection at every level. Each service is completely tailored to the individual and takes into account not only cosmetic concerns, but also the medical, nutritional, and spiritual states of the person to achieve the desired effect. With over 60 years combined experience, you will not find a team with more dedication to its clients.





Seeks to reverse the signs of aging and give clients the best cosmetic results with a natural appearance. Trained as a neurologist, she has experience with Botox for over 8 years and extensive training in cosmetic fillers which give the skin a supple, youthful appearance. Because overall beauty is not just skin deep, Dr. Contreras addresses both aesthetic and medical concerns in consultation for a level of service like no other.

Dr. Contreras




Christina works to maximize the effects of skin care using a multifaceted approach. She has specialized in skin treatment with microdermabrasion, medical grade chemical peels, facials, extractions, and laser skin treatment for over 11 years.





Has been practicing Massage Therapy to relieve pain and help clients relax for 16 years. Massage can be used to rehabilitate injuries, improve blood circulation, decrease stress, and improve overall wellness.